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Our Ethos

Our coffee is from a local Anglo/Italian family who supply an authentic Italian dark roast, full bodied, aromatic coffee that fully justifies their by-line: “good coffee is a way of life”.

Our coffee is predominantly Columbian as that country operates the business model of co-operatives thereby those actually involved in growing coffee reap as much reward as possible and use environmental practices including recycling the water used.

Piccolo Mondo Coffee

Our tea is mainly from Taylor’s of Harrogate, who, by investing in long-term partnerships and paying fair prices, are able to make a positive difference to the lives of tea growers.

Taylor’s of Harrogate have operated environmental green policies since the 1990’s replanting and replacing trees.

Taylors of Harrogate

Our milk is from Wells Farm Dairy. Based in Bradley, Staffordshire, the Holt family have farmed there for over 100 years and market their products direct to the customer. 20 miles. Wells Farm Dairy

Here at Diplomats Barista! we support local companies and are proud to say we are an environmentally friendly establishment.

Our food is locally sourced, much of it hand-made, combining high quality with low food miles to satisfy appetite and principles.

We recycle everything via the facilities at TWO which includes cardboard, paper, plastic milk bottles as well as electrical, even our milk is delivered via an electric delivery van.

We aim to save as much of our coffee waste as possible, to hopefully donate to a company who convert the grounds to pellet form to then use as fuel in heaters!  All our paper is, wherever possible, recycled menu paper which is sourced from Eco-Craft Ltdonline suppliers of recycled paper and card since 1991.
Wherever we can we’ve used recycled materials during the building process, including the table tops, poseur prop bar, environmentally friendly in using bamboo flooring rather than other wood even FSC approved as bamboo is so easily grown.

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